Power up with Pranayam: (Every Monday 7:30 for 5 mondays) Cost - Rs. 7,000

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  • Our breath is our constant companion yet we take it for granted.
  • How many breaths do you take in a minute? And how does that impact your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?
  • How many of you know which nostril are you breathing from and what does that mean?
  • How many of you fill up your lungs to the brim and empty them along with the toxic waste that has piled up from years of shallow breathing?
  • Your breath is a power house. You channel it the right way and it’ll transform you inside out. So intense will be your transformation that it’ll enable your body to deliver all that your wisdom envisions. That’s your breath for you!
  • But because we breathe without much thought, we tend to take for granted the enormous power of the breath.
  • When we learn how to breathe with awareness, we can begin to loosen the grip of negative thoughts and emotions, the muck and the dirt we go about collecting in our daily lives and build the foundation that supports the journey of inner-transformation towards ultimate freedom of joy.
  • Come learn to channelise your breath, the yogic way, the right way to experience its wonderful benefits.

During this 5-day Beginner’s pranayam workshop, you will:

  • Explore systematic methods of calming the nervous system using the breath.
  • Take a comprehensive look at the dynamics of breathing from an anatomical, physiological, and energetic perspective.
  • Become more aware of how and where the breath moves in your body.
  • Practice techniques precisely designed to establish diaphragmatic breathing and a relaxed awareness in the abdominal area.
  • Explore specific postures, techniques, and skills for effectively strengthening a chronically weak and often underperforming respiratory diaphragm.
  • Cover the essential components of finding a comfortable seated posture to effectively collect, contain, and direct your energy for transformation.

Let’s take a deep look at understanding, building, and directing energy.
Without breath there is no energy, there is no life, and there is no yoga.
By learning more about how your breath works, you can improve the quality and capacity of your life force and move toward the attainment of fulfilment (bhoga) and freedom (apavarga)—the ultimate goals of yoga.

Experience the profound effect that conscious, deep diaphragmatic breath can have in your life. The life force moving inside you is the greatest tool of all for tapping into deep healing, lasting joy, and immeasurable peace.

Come, join me in this small intimate workshop where you can embark of a transformational journey with me.

Some of the many benefits that you will experience with me are:

  1. Boost in immunity
  2. Reverse-aging
  3. Destressed mind
  4. Calm
  5. Joy
  6. Peace
  7. Clarity
  8. Better decision making
  9. Superior relationships

21 days Pranayam and meditation Challenge: (Every day at 7:30 for 21 days) Cost - Rs. 90,000

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I am here to support you in your journey toward your SELF, your Higher SELF.

Your outside world is nothing else but the reflection of your inner world. Nothing works out in the outside world without balance in the inner world. As long as you do not have peace inside you there will be no peace in your life and in the world, that is how responsible you are for it.

We struggle so much to find solutions and to solve all situations that appear in our daily life. But all these come out from the conflicts we have inside ourselves, either we are aware or not.

Instead of being depressed and exhausted by solving millions of problems, looking for so many solutions, (although we know “We cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” – Einstein - OR – We cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it in the first place!). Why not, instead, go deep down to the source of all life, inside ourselves and balance Spirit, Mind & Body so that we create a better reality for ourselves and those around us.

And whenever we find & cultivate peace, love and harmony inside, wherever we go, we spread peace, love and harmony and we meet peace, love and harmony.

All starts with US. There is no work more important than working on us.


What to expect:

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. * minimum 21 hours + 4 hours bonus included if you choose to join 6.15 with an expert that lives Yoga Life the way she preaches.
  2. Calm and clarity
  3. Awesome energy through the day
  4. Happy hormones
  5. Balanced state of mind
  6. Experience more love for yourself and therefore for others too.
  7. Better control over your emotions
  8. Healthier body, mind and spirit.
  9. Support & explanation in Whatsapp group
  10. Q&A with Vasundhara
  11. Weekly Sun salutation practice with guidance