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In the present world, we are completely disconnected from the magical mystical ways of the universe around us. We are unaffected by the seasons, we eat the same food all year, we crave the same pleasures and we are 24×7 in airconditioned rooms. Yoga provides us with a way of getting rid of the illusions and experiencing ultimate freedom, abundance and peace.


Yoga brings you in sync with the universe and you.

Yoga is the most profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials
of the human mind and soul. It is the union with your spirit. The asanas are just tools that enable a person to come closer to their self. But Yoga explores deeper into your being. It silences you and brings you in contact with yourself, helping you experience complete tranquillity and joy in being you.

Imbibing in you the yoga way of Life.

The beauty of yoga is that it’s for everyone. Vasundhara gets you in touch with the awesomeness in you and if you need tools, she teaches them and encourages you to practise. She brings you face to face with who you really are and once you have met your truly vibrant self, it brings an empowering positivity in every area of your life.

Vasundhara’s tryst
with Yoga

She was introduced to yoga at the age of 13 and has been practising for 25 years now. She has a natural flair for transforming and coaching people, which she believes is a gift from the universe. She was certified as a Yoga teacher around 15 years ago and got her second certification in 2019, both from world-renowned Yoga schools.