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She was born in a traditional farmer’s family that went on to evolve into a business family in Nashik. She has travelled solo across the world since 2005. She holds a PG degree in MBA, Marketing, from JBIMS, one of the top B-schools in India. She has worked in a Fortune 500 company, Intel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as well as at a grass-root level in a remote village, Sawarpada.


Her Life’s Calling

From a setback, she sprang back, as a loving, compassionate, wiser version of herself. Her gift of insight and deeply connecting with people along with her draw towards finding the purpose of life encouraged her to pursue yoga beyond just her passion since childhood but as her profession/gift to the world, which she now propagates as a perfect lifestyle for today’s day and age.

Years of education that back her expertise.

  • Internationally Trained Trainer and Facilitator, by Blair Singer, Larry Gilman Marcus Maria, Zoltan Hrotko, Mac Attram, Dan Fauci, Karen Austin USA.
  • Internationally Certified Life Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF) | Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coaching.
  • Masters in Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of
    Management Studies.
  • Yoga Teacher and Yoga Psychology, Yoga Vidyadham |
    The Yoga Institute | Vipassana Center | Isha Foundation.
  • International Speaker, The Speaker’s Institute.
  • Certified Counselor, Heart to Heart Institute.
  • Certified Soft Skills Trainer, NABET.
  • Certified NLP and Gestalt Practitioner.

My Thoughts