The Yoga Life

Make the beautiful and powerful practices of Yoga a way of life, and anything is possible. Unravel your way to good health, pure thoughts, peace of mind, great relationships, ultimate freedom, abundance and satisfaction through the power of Yogic soul-based living.


Empower, evolve and enlighten at least
lives with ultimate Freedom, Abundance, Peace, Prosperity and Purpose.

the yogini

A life coach and yogini

Vasundhara’s heart goes out to everyone who is steeped in clueless living and broken relationships. Her experience of Freedom, Abundance and Peace with Yoga has left her with a niggling feeling of spreading the same around the world.

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Individual Sessions

She has the gift to unlock and unblock what stops people living their greatest dreams. She can help you uncover everything that camouflages the essence of who you are.

School Programs

Children today lead stressful lives with little or no time for physical activity. Yoga can holistically groom the young minds and help deal with pressure and boosts their self-esteem.

Corporate Programs

People in corporates are mostly stressed because of long hours and hectic deadlines. With yoga, employees can cope with the inconsistencies in work and life.

Collective Programs

Co-learning and interacting with other people is a reminder that you are not alone. It gives you the space to set down the weight you are carrying, sort through and move on with grace.

Upcoming events

Spirituality is Sexy and Self-love is sacred

Online webinar
Saturday 5pm to 7 pm, July 25, 2020
INR 1500/-
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Transforming your life through yoga

We will not heal relationships and solve problems with loose hamstrings…

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Programming your mind for peace

I describe mental fitness as developing the qualities of our mind.

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Challenging my inner critic with compassion

How you do yoga meditation is a diverse subject…

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How to hold space for yourself
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How to start a yoga practice
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